The Particle Photon

I just got a Particle Photon board to play around with.




Even though it took me a while to set it up, the whole process was very easy. Every single Photon is unique and directly connects to the Particle Photon cloud.

We can just login to the console and link the photon with our account. After this is done, every photon can be controlled remotely. It’s possible to flash code and push OTA updates from anywhere.

With the latest firmware it’s even possible to run diagnostics and check vital stats. Screenshot_2018-07-30 Particle Console Build your connected product.png


It uses the Wiring framework just like the Arduino boards and hence coding it is a breeze. Plus almost every other sensor or peripheral has a dedicated library.

Though the Photon is still in beta development. I personally think that it’s one awesome product that was made with the user in mind. All the features make it so easy and convinient to use.
I’ve worked on IoT devices long enough to know the different shortcomings of the other development boards. They seem to have learned from all the faults and problems of all manufacturers and now have a near perfect IoT development device.

Here are some of the cool things that the dev kit comes with:

  • OTA updates and remote flashing (no setup required…unlike other platforms)
  • a large number of different pins
  • 8 analog pins
  • 9 PWM compatible pins
  • Mobile UI pins control
  • Provision for connecting an antennaInkedphoto_2018-08-01_10-25-22_LI.jpg
  • 3.3 – 5V tolerance
  • extensive documentation
  • good community support


That’s everything you’ll ever need.

Photon ❤️


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