It’s been a long while since I’ve written a full post. I keep writing something and they are all drafts. They remain drafts. In fact, I have way more drafts than total posts on this blog. I always thought it to be writer’s block or that I’m simply too lazy?
But today, I think I’ve finally understood what it is. To write is to convey your thoughts precisely to the reader, taking care to not ignore the subtle things or enforce anything. It involves carefully choosing the right mix of words that invoke strong emotions and vivid images in the reader. And above all, the intention must always be lucid.
Writing is art.

For words to flow through your fingers requires a good deal of experience, insight and organized thoughts.

I have none.
Hence I hit blocks quicker than ever. I’m reading, learning, improving, trying to organize thoughts and think deeper into things, searching for meaning, discovering the universe within…

I know I’ll get there soon enough! But until then things will be quite slow! ∞


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