A Tablet at stake!

There was this old broken tablet lying around and one day I decided to do a postmortal analysis on it.


Remove the back cover and this is what you see


I started removing components one by one. First came the ones with tiny wires and lying on the surface.

Then came the Li-ion battery. One has to be extra careful when removing batteries.
⚠️ Lithium-ion cells and battery packs may get hot, explode or ignite and cause serious injury if exposed to abuse conditions. ⚠️



Then came out the peripeherals with ribbon cables like camera and the LCD display.

Followed by removing the board from the enclosure. It flaunting the tiny yet powerful MEDIATEK processors.


The final step was to check out the display and touch panel. Since I had a very bad past encounter removing a screen😅 ; I was extra careful this time.


Suprisingly it was made up of a lot of cool plastic layers of different textures.


The LED backlight


The lined transparent plastic sheet (just below the screen) I believe is the resistive touch layer.

The GSM antenna



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