Inventory management for all your electronic components

Have you searched hours for ICs you never bought or have the bad habit of buying components thinking that you don’t have it? I’ve gone through both.πŸ€·β€β™‚ to the rescue! (Unicode is yet to release the superhero emoji at the time of this writing). is an online tool you can use to manage all your electronic components at one place. A full-fledged inventory management tool of sorts.

Screenshot-2018-5-29 PartsBox Take control of your parts inventory and BOM pricing.png

All you need to get started is set up a free account and then start adding the components by part number. I agree that it’s gonna take a long time to get it all sorted and accounted for. But rest assured it’s a one time process and is definitely gonna make your work, easier in the future.


Before you can start adding parts you need to define a storage for the parts. You might be keeping your resistors in that big transparent box and your IC’s in the small red box. Wherever you keep your things, add as many storage locations as needed. Since I can’t afford the space or the money to get cool organized boxes, I’ve only one location where I add all my parts and the real world placement will be somewhere down in my memory.😜



‘Adding parts’ for some reason is known as ‘Creating parts’ here. Simply search for the part with the component number and it brings up the list of all available parts with the same name.

Screenshot-2018-5-29 All Parts (PartsBox io).png

Once you select your right part, add stock (a.k.a add the quantity you have) then the unit price of the component (you can adjust the currency in the settings). Keep adding all your parts, it might take days.
After all the hard work, scroll through the whole list as you take pride in your possessions.😌


Go to the reports tab to get an overview.

Sketch (1).png


This is perhaps the best thing about It lets you create projects and allot parts for it. So if you are building something, just create a project and add all the components that you are going to use in the project. Later you’ll have a good idea about where all the LED’s or switches you’d bought went.πŸ˜…

Features I love in :

  • Most parts have documentation along with links to the datasheets
  • linked parts rely on a community and all the parts are visible to the others
  • lots of choices for parts from different manufacturers
  • you can even add things like a soldering station or a glue gun.


If any of you are using another cooler tool do let me know by commenting below!


Disclaimer:Β  I’m in no way affiliated to, nor am I entitled to any royalty from them for this post.



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