quOra = Opinions

Quora starts with a ‘q’ and ends with an ‘a’ ( for those of you who haven’t got it yet: it starts with a ‘Question’ and ends with an ‘Answer’. This is a coincidence ardent Quora fans have identified. I’d love to add on to it and say that the ‘O’ in Quora sits right in the middle and stands for ‘Opinions‘.
Quora used to be one good Q&A platform that brought out clear, unbiased answers to questions.

Now it’s all different, the platform is riddled with similar questions and answer upon answer to the different questions. Many being answered just for the sake of answering. Some people even resort to polished answers to either appeal to a group of people or increase their following. Then there are ‘The Hypocrites’ who pretend to be somebody online but an altogether different person in real. It’s filled with ads and sponsored content (not like I don’t know why they are there in the first place…but one ad for every two articles you scroll is too much!). I don’t know why, but Quora is now putting up stories from other websites and news providers which is like distracting when you are being redirected to a new page with every click. I’m not implying that other forums or platforms are free of such people or problems. Just that Quora will no longer be a site I’d go to for verified and quality content. Since I don’t prefer “opinions” on most things, I’ve almost stopped using it.

And you know what’s the biggest irony: this is purely my personal Opinion.

🚩 UPDATE : 30/07/18
I completely deleted my profile on Quora.


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