Fireworks🎆 …bleh!

Today is some auspicious day and everyone is out, bursting crackers. All status updates have some firecracker or the other.😑 There are loud bangs and cracks coming from outside as I’m constantly reminded of the things happening around.

But seriously, I don’t find them mesmerizing anymore. As a kid, I’ve enjoyed fireworks..probably due to the fact that I was brought up in a place where Diwali ( an Indian festival of lights) was a major festival. So at least I know that it is not an aversion. I’ve lit crackers and have played with them. I know that crackers don’t scare me..nor do the loud sounds or the ultra bright light!

Now it’s more like the ‘been there done that’ feeling with fireworks. I don’t see anything new in them. I don’t find them intriguing. Every time I hear a burst I can draw a clear mental picture of the thing happening and I just fill it up with a random colour… after all, you don’t have too many choices for colours in a firework. I’ve never been an environmentalist (umm…..because I haven’t yet done anything noteworthy for the environment) so I know it’s not about the pollution or the use of poisonous compounds in firecrackers nor do I stand on the side of the people with the sound pollution argument.

Fireworks, for me, has slowly fallen into the sphere of mediocrity and I find no special meaning in the exercise.😌 The patterns – all the same. The sounds – no different. It’s like watching the same movie over and over again.

So Bleh! 😜



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