Designing : and what it means to me

Two years back, I built a locomotive from scratch, built it part by part..took care of every single bolt and screw and slowly set it in motion. The test ride was enough to bring the thrill down to the last cell of my body. Then came the different places..different positions…and I was overflowing with emotions. All the new places I saw, all the different connections..the different people… Slowly the number of wagons on my train began to increase and I kept on adding them like hell, not realizing that I was, in fact, building too much momentum. The heavier it got..the harder it was to stop. This continued on…
I decided to not let go of this ever,…and to let it run uninterrupted. Forever. So I spent some good amount of time literally putting solar panels on top of each wagon to make it sustain on its own. Right now this is going forward on its own, paying no heed to the feeble force within saying “STOP…this is not where my heart is”.

I could sit and play around with blobs of molten solder all day long, than use the lasso tool. When I’m asked that dreadful question, my quick answer is “Yes, indeed I’m a designer” – but deep within I painstakingly control that urge to shout out a solid NO!
I frankly don’t think designing comes to me as intuitively as a solution to some problem with a circuit. I’ve lived around with designing for long to know that it’s within me and I understand it well – I know there are things that you only learn with experience..things like balance, colour harmony, typefaces, their weights…there is a world of meaning in these subtle things. They have changed my perception of the world. Now, I appreciate art more and frown upon crazy out-of-the-place fonts that people use. I look down to the last detail and into every poster, presentation or board that I see. I mentally blurt out the names of fonts on text and loathe anybody who stretches images out of proportion.
Even as designing tries to draw me in……….

……….I gotta break free! Need to start saying no to all the things I don’t love with all my heart! Will slowly start letting go of everything… one by one!
👆 This is what I thought for a while and as I write this a week later I know I should give myself a punch🥊 in the face for writing that. I should rather learn to find a balance between the two worlds and bridge the gap between them.
Design is omnipresent and seamlessly integrates into anything and everything.

And so the journey continues! 

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