Playing with the Hardware connections of the CY8CKIT-043 PSoC® 4 M-Series Prototyping Kit

Internal hardware connections are still something I can’t wrap my head around. I thought it was impossible to do that at such a small level within the chip. I was literally laughing with every hardware iteration I made…no more fiddling with jumpers or ICs….no more checking the connection/supplies.. Everything was so easy. Drag and drop. Configure them and voila you’re all set to go.
This thing is going to make debugging circuits a hell lot easier.


  • Add pins that you need
  • set them to the required hardware pins on the PSoC
  • connect them with a wire
  • forget about the code
  • build project
  • program the board
  • watch it run while the processor sleeps 😛
One of the examples: to toggle the state of the LED

Another one:

Toggling the state only after every 2 button presses

Since a counter counts as follows: 00  01  10  11  connecting the built-in blue LED to the bus [1] will make the LED trigger only after every two button presses.

Note: A NOT gate is used in the circuit because the switch on the board is active low.


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