I finally switched from Chrome to Firefox!

Lately, I’ve been facing a lot of issues with Chrome. Pages ran out of memory, quickly. Earlier, I used to have 15+ tabs open and everything would easily run with the surplus 8GB RAM. Now even with only less than 10 tabs open, pages often threw ‘Out of Memory’ errors. To try and find the problem I did the following :

  1. Disabled all add-ons one after the other thinking it might be due to some addon that went rogue — (that didn’t help)
  2. Cleared cache and cookies  — (that too didn’t help)
  3. Kept monitoring the inbuilt Chrome Task Manager ( Shift+ Tab )  to find out something specific that was consuming a lot of RAM –>  Inbox by Google was indeed consuming more than 400MB of RAM..closely followed by the GPU task. — (Closing the resource-heavy tabs too didn’t help)
  4. Installed the chrome cleanup tool  — (still no change)   Screenshot-2018-3-23 Chrome Cleanup Tool.png

OK … I give up!! 😡

This might be an isolated case but its still common knowledge that Chrome gets sluggish when you have a lot of tabs open and that it takes up a lot of RAM.

Then finally I started searching for another browser and first checked out on Mozilla Firefox to know if it was still leagues behind Chrome. But apparently, Mozilla had just released a new version by the name Firefox Quantum. Their page had listed everything I needed and I was like “Yeah! I’ve come to the right place”.Screenshot-2018-3-23 Download the fastest Firefox ever

The next obvious step was to see if the addons I use daily had support for the Chrome browser or at least a decent alternative. The ones I  use often are as follows:

  1. Toby
  2. Raindrop.io
  3. Grammarly
  4. Last Pass
  5. Amazon Keepa
  6. Google Docs ❌
  7. VPN ✅

I didn’t expect these many apps to be compatible. So I made the switch.

This guide proved helpful.

Firefox Quantum Review

Its couple of days now since I’ve started using this browser. It’s fluid and very responsive. In this span, it has only crashed once when I tried to preview a big file in an overlay file upload window in an overly crowded ‘Downloads’ folder. 😅
There are few awesome things that Firefox provides:

  • A new way to take screenshots where you can select the different elements on a website and 2017-10-22-18-49-59-62c92b.pngchoose to save them or have it uploaded and available with a link or take the visible area or even the whole page😱. This is what I call plain ‘awesome’. You’re gonna see more of these often now.😝Screenshot (289).png
  • Isolating your work and personal tabs using something called Containers.
  • The Pocket app is integrated into Firefox (though I don’t use Pocket much I found this handy when I had to quickly save something for reading later.)
  • Beautiful minimal and flat look
  • Unlike Chrome, the tabs don’t shrink in size as you keep on opening new tabs instead, they form a neat slider.
  • Finally, it’s all Open Source 😌

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