Self-repairing pipes?

Today I cut my finger accidentally 😅 and while I watched, a blood droplet started to appear slowly. As it grew in size it started to flatten out and the oozing almost stopped. That’s when I gave my finger a small squeeze and watched as the blood droplets spurted out.

Seconds later I gave it another squeeze and nothing…it took only a couple of seconds for blood cells to come together, form a clot and block any outflow of blood.main-qimg-3e323b05b86eaa57d5a6aa6545ceaafe.gif

This seemed to be an effective solution to prevent excessive blood loss. I wondered  if we could use it to automatically repair leaking or broken pipes and prevent the loss of water.

Studying the case of the water pipe I was quickly struck by the stark differences with the analogy I had just considered.To start with, if the pipe carries water then it must not have any impurities or large cells in it that could trigger the closure of the block.

Water should be 100% pure and it can’t have any imurities and any solution should undoubtedly make use of some surface property of the pipes, probably a miraculous coating? 🤔






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