India Electronics Week (IEW ’18)

India electronics week 2017 and RISC conference, the former I had a conference pass for and the latter a direct volunteer entry but apparently, all those weren’t just enough. I lost the first chance over untimely exams and the second one because of some other technical issue on their part.

So this year, I was adamant that I’ll attend the India Electronics Week 2018 at any cost. Paraphrasing Ralph Waldo Emerson, Once you make a decision the whole world conspires to make it happen! Lol. The exams decided to end right one day before the event. There happened to be one bus that was both economical and at the right time, we needed. Everything was perfect? Coincidence?

India Electronics Week is an annual event that brings together electronics enthusiasts from around the country to an endless exposition space, many workshops, talks, and conferences. Some statistics from this year’s event: 150+ speakers, 15+ workshops, 9 conferences and 150+ exhibitors.

The big list!

There were multiple parallel tracks with sessions beginning as early as 8:30 and going up to 5:00 in the evening. People were pouring in from all places (despite this :P) and you couldn’t literally walk a few yards without bumping into a lot of people. Even though the workshops were heavily priced ( in my perspective ) there were all always full.


Huge space limited by the frame of the shot

This wasn’t like anything I had never experienced before. It was a perfect networking opportunity too. I met a lot of new people from different walks of life united only by our common interest in electronics.

Even though I planned on writing an extensive article on the whole experience I figured out that it will be counter-intuitive, so I’m just going to share some highlights and random experiences with this post and go for specific details in future posts.

WARNING: Things about to get more random.

An awesome session by Mr. Vinay Chaddha

He stressed the fact that we were all students of History, rather than would-be electronics engineers. We are all learning outdated stuff. Things that we no longer use in an industry or have become obsolete. Intel released their 8051 microcontrollers in 1981 and sadly that’s included in our curriculum complete with everything from pin diagrams to assembly language programming.

Don’t know why I have this here…but found it interesting. A condition called Unilateral preaxial polydactyly

A 3D printed panda  ❤

Switches as small as the tip of my pen.

The small printers that you see in portable ticket vending machines actually use special paper instead of ink.
At the heart of a wireless charger, there is always a coil









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