Will we ever run out of new email addresses?

You’re lucky if you can find an available short email ID that fits your name. Many years ago most of the email IDs that I came across had only a few characters.Nowadays with the present level of email penetration, finding short email IDs is like mining for gold. They have started getting longer and longer and with more numerals and other valid characters.

I just can’t imagine the state some 20-25 years down the line when email IDs can be like ‘ randomname…1234boy2022@domain.com ‘. Theoretically speaking each email address can have a  64 character long  local part ( local@domain.com )

Can look like this :


Time for some math:

Usernames can contain letters (a-z)                                                            26 characters

numbers (0-9)                                                                                                  10 characters

dashes (-),periods (.),underscores (_),apostrophes (‘)                                      4 characters

40 characters

So that would put the number of combinations possible to :

4064 = 340.28236692 × 10100 where the 10100 is better known as Googol which translates to about 3400 thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion.

Current world population – 7.6 billion

No. of active Gmail users in the world = 1 billion

This makes it evident that however hard we try we’re never gonna run out of new email addresses, at least for a couple of decades from now.

Now to address the issue of extremely long email addresses – email providers need to only allow the addition of one more special character.

Thus for an 8 character password: 408 possible combinations = 6553600000000.          After making a special character valid: 418 possible combinations = 7984925229121

An addition of 1431325229121 ~ 1431325 trillion


We’re never gonna run out of new email addresses!


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