My quest for the perfect To-Do app

It all started with Google Keep. All my lists and drawings were stored in it. Keep has a neat UI with just the bare essentials. After about a month, things started to pile up. Every update took more time as I had to search through loads of notes.
That’s when I thought, I needed a more powerful app and my search led me to Wunderlist. In Wunderlist you could sort your lists into folders and have different folders.It even allowed you to share your to-do’s with anyone else. At this same time, I was also trying out another app called Remember the milk.

After a couple of weeks, I found Remember the Milk to be better than Wunderlist as it had a lot more features but it was cumbersome in both apps to see the tasks you’ve done nor could we add more levels of nesting.

Then came Evernote. It was a hell lot more powerful and feature rich. Everything was fine, it had lists, web clippings, drawings and you could set reminders and voice notes too. But it too failed miserably as a great to-do app.

I couldn’t see the things I have done, things left to do with the many things that I manage. 

My search finally led me to Trello and I’ve never looked back. I’ve fallen in love with the interface and the wide variety of customizations that it has. The concept of having boards for the different things in your life and the ability to add different lists and subsequent cards in lists and checklists in cards is the ultimate level of sophistication while maintaining the overall simplicity.

Trello helps you see the big picture and adding colored labels to cards also gives it a striking appeal. It also allows you to share boards with different people in your organization and assign tasks to them, schedule meetings and track progress. It’s more of a life management app than a mere to-do app.

P.S: I still use Evernote for all those images, clippings and long posts.

Update: 8/6/18

I’ve moved base to Todoist. It’s undoubtedly the best out there and tons of free features. The best part is that it has NLP built inwhich makes adding tasks very easy.  Plus it has got this automatic reschedule feature and a wonderful UI.

Above all it has got Google Assistant, Gmail, IFTTT….. integrations. You can’t ask for anything more!



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