Experiments with MS Excel: Effects of Bandlimiting – Triangular Waveform

I used the following expression for a triangular waveform to first generate the waveform mathematically and then try and remove the higher harmonics to band limit the signal and study the effect band-limiting had on the shape of the signal.


The MS Excel file is attached here 

The time frame is taken to be from -10 to +10. Since I can’t possibly include infinite components I decided to go for the first 5 harmonics, the expansion would then be as follows.


chart (13).png

This is the waveform for the signal with 5 harmonics.

Plotting the signal as I keep on cutting down on the number of components.

chart (14).png

chart (15).png

chart (16).png

The equation for the signal with only the 1st component would look like this:


chart (17).png

And finally the band-limited signal: taking only the case: n=1 and neglecting all other higher harmonics.


chart (18).png



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