Windows mobile and where it’s headed

At the time of this writing, I represent 1% of the global mobile users. Now if that’s a privilege to be rare or a sad thing to be the minority – I don’t know.

2015-2016 has been my year of experiments. I tried out things I could do but never would. To know other worlds and how it feels like, to everyone else. Using a Windows phone and relying on it solely was among things like writing a diary for a whole year, and trying out power naps.
The transition from Android was really hard.
The ‘WHY’ question taunted me for long.
But guess what? I survived!
Some things are certain, you don’t need a future-telling machine to know about Windows’ impending doom if it continues in its present state.
Windows 10 is long overdue and the hopes of it reviving Windows phones are also dwindling.It’s not yet time for a ‘ The best of Windows 8.1 post‘ but I’d like to show where Windows 8.1 falls short. (All comparisons made with Android in mind and clearly not iOS)
To start off, the total lack of Google apps is a major hit. Goodbye to Inbox, Drive, Now….
The UI might (is) be clean and minimalistic, but it’s not the best.
The next thing that troubled me was the total lack of customizability. However, this feeling might be as a result of me reaching developer level customizations on my Android with Xposed modules.
I find it very difficult to share movies, music with other users as there is no app, I repeat No app that does the job right. Either it’s failed downloads or they’re frozen, like FOREVER. The only solution left? Bluetooth. No, never I rather not watch the movie than have to wait at least twice its duration.
These are the top three critical problems.
Update: 21/12/17
I still use my old windows phone as an alarm, time-lapse shooter and to play games when I’m bored. I don’t have to worry about updates nor apps becoming obsolete, and you know why 😛

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