Our future made uncertain by ‘certain’ changes in technology!

The miniaturization, the perfect sync, unmatched celerity, the fall in prices, are all things we often overlook. Like they were all meant to happen. One can always cite Moore’s law and dismiss my plea before I even get to it!

For those of you still trying to figure it out: I’d rather consider all the aforementioned advancements as “little things” that technology is doing for us, things that don’t matter on a small scale or to an individual per se, but things that are nothing short of revolutionary, on a global scale and to humanity as a whole.

It is not just a resource-crunch that we are facing right now, in fact, we have a long list of them. Technology is what helps us push those boundaries, to a state of achieving more with less.

Our modes of communication have reached stages that were considered unfathomable a century ago. Advancements in the field of medicine and healthcare can be largely attributed to the complex machines and detectors that work on the quantum level. Our gadgets are getting smarter by the day. Space is all set to become the next big tourist destination. All these advances culminate on to one ultimate goal: Helping humanity to live an easy and secure life.

The developments in AI and Automation are however considered as a serious threat by many. Let alone writers of science fiction, Elon Musk himself warned about an AI uprising and that humans need to become “cyborgs” to avoid ending up as pets of more intelligent robots. Even though it only sounds like a remote possibility, such a bleak future is plausible and cannot be imprudently dismissed.

Technology is driving change and instances of this change growing out of control is perhaps a price we’d have to pay if we don’t play our cards right and turn them in our favor!


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