Buying smart: The Voodoo style

Online shopping in India is growing rapidly with more and more people relying on e-commerce platforms to buy things. You needn’t go around searching for a product, nor would you need to hunt for the best price. You get it all.

Yeh, I could brag on for long about its pros. But lately, I feel like the whole online shopping experience created a new burden as it took away one.

The hassle of visiting different e-commerce platforms to compare things! On the web its relatively simple, you’ve tabs to switch between tasks easily. When it comes to apps you gotta switch between them, and now don’t tell me about Multi-Window and all, it’s common knowledge that no one actually uses it.

That’s exactly where Voodoo (only a bit of magic in here) comes in.

Voodoo claims to be a digital assistant that integrates with all the shopping apps on your device to help you get the best deals, compare prices & get coupons for online shopping.

Search for anything you want on any app and you’ll find the Voodoo assistant floating by, searching for the product on other e-commerce platforms. It also shows similar products and suggestions too.

Now this is not just a shopping assistant it also gets you info on the nearest cabs and cheapest rides by scrounging through Uber,Ola,Meru and a lot more. Along with all these, it also gets you coupons for online shopping and e-Wallet offers.

Ever since I installed Voodoo, online shopping has become a whole new experience. I did face some issues, though. Occasionally Voodoo only showed suggestions and once, it even got the whole product wrong and displayed results of something else. The Voodoo accessibility was stable and didn’t crash at all and only pops up when we are viewing a product. Like all accessibilities, they continue to run in the background, as a service so that might have a toll on your battery. However, I didn’t experience any noticeable difference.

Now, for the record Voodoo is great. At least that was what I thought until recently. Voodoo compares stuff and all, GREAT! But often I landed on a great deal with no delivery options. So that brings me back to square one. I’ll again have to go around switching apps, now searching for delivery options, though.

So as of now, Voodoo too has solved something to only create a new hassle.

Calling out to all devs, this is something you’ve probably missed!


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