Before I made this rhyme.

Before the universe and time.

Before the stars did hang.

And before the big bang.

There was nothing but God.

He was always there

And will be there

As our creator and lord

In a second

Did the universe he create

And knew its fate

Till the very end.

He created the dark sky

The galaxies and stars

Earth,moon and Mars

And the comets that fly by

On earth he created water

And the weather he did alter

To make it best

for man to rest

He feeds the birds

Guides the planets

Makes the sun,set

And rule the worlds

He is ever so kind

But we cannot see

Nor can we perceive

The only mastermind

Now as I begin to conclude

I’m doubtful on what to include

While I wait for the LIGHT

God heeds to my plight!


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