Where shall I hide my little nest?

Should it be far out west,

Where the climate is best

to take some rest!


Or should it be somewhere near,

where I have to live in constant fear

of something weird,

That feeds on my own dear


I chose the latter

Yes! it did matter,

Because I could gather

more food than the other.


In the east,I chose a small tree

Which was all free

and occupied by none.

My job was almost done!


Choosing a perfect hideout

was a job so wrought

and filled with doubt

That you couldn’t get out



I guess I have chosen well

Where all my future dwell

And now I am to tell

My friends “its no more hell”


I built a tiny nest

That looked the best,

Among the rest

And now begins its real test!


I tried to make it discreet

But it can be seen from the street

I tried to make it wind-proof

But it moves with every whoooff!!


I hope it will stay,

till my very last day

Because I had chosen the best,

To make my tiny little nest!




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