We want to rise,

Far up to zenith.

We want to learn,

Not fall down beneath.


We wish to rise

But fall down twice

We know it isn’t nice

And cover it with lies.

We do not open our eyes

Or listen to the wise

We repeat a mistake twice

And in the end “sighs”.


When will it ever end?

How more are we to bend?

Or does this even matter,

if the problems get fatter


Isn’t anyone out there,

to lend a pair of crutches,

to the crippled country.

Exploited and crippled

by its own people.

Traitors,they are

who bring down ruin!

Corruptions and scam

broken bridges and dams.

police firing and BHAM!!

“I don’t give a damn”

That’s the attitude,

Of every single person.

Everyone tries to elude

and pretend not to run.


Others inside are having fun.

They are not yet done.

Still reaping out funds.

Oh! they have again won !!




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