He strode along the empty way

all alone but for a shady figure,

That walks beside,day after day

Also,smoking a cigar.


Wolves howled and dogs barked

Through the chilly cold night

The wind blew against the areas,scarred and marked

On the bare body that dragged on with all its might.


His face said a story,

far too tragic to be happened

And he never felt sorry,

for all that had happened.


All that was dear,

was no more near

He had lost everything!

And was left with nothing.


He strode on through the night

With a heart full of hatred,revenge and grief

He had decided that he couldn’t fight

But rather make it brief.


He walked on till he reached the waterfall

Where soon he would end,

his legacy,without waiting for his call

And death too, had a helping hand lend.



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